Free Pattern: Rainbow Crayon Rolls

I have made several of these and thought that it was time to write this pattern up.


This was made with Bonus DK acrylic yarn and a 4mm hook.  It fits Crayola crayons perfectly but once you get the knack of it the pattern is easily adjusted to fit longer or shorter pens/pencils.  I used colours to match the crayons I was including and black to edge it and for the ties.

This pattern uses US terminology.


1.   Chain 21

2.   Sc in 2nd chain from hook and every chain thereafter (20sc)

3.   Ch1 (does not count as sc) and turn.  Sc in next 9sc.  Then in the next 11sc 1sc in each of the front loops (the loops closest to you), then crochet 11sc in the unused back loops. (11+11+9)

4.   Ch1 and turn, sc in all of sc from previous row (11+11+9)

5.  Ch1 and turn, sc in all of sc from previous row (31sc)

6.  Ch1 and turn, sc in 11sc.  Ch 1 and place hook through previous stitch and through stitch that matches up (to close the pocket).  Sc 11sc to close the pocket and then the final 9sc.

You have finished the first pocket!  Now is the time to check your gauge by inserting your crayon and checking it fits how you want and if it doesn’t adjust the starting chain or pocket height accordingly.

Attach new colour to first sc (at the top edge of the crayon roll) and chain 1 (counts as first sc) repeat pattern from row 3-6 until you have as many pockets as you want.

I’ve found it helpful to sew all the ends in before starting the edging.  If you have used black as your final pocket colour do not fasten off, just continue with edging instructions



Join your black yarn (or colour of your choice) at the top right corner.

Crochet 3sc into each corner and 1sc into every space across the top, every unused chain, every space across the bottom and every sc on final side.

As you work up the final side stop at the edge of the pocket and chain 29 (this number may need to be more or less if you have used more or less crayons than the 9 I chose).  Working in the 2nd chain from hook sc and in every chain thereafter.  Slip stitch into the same sc as you previously did the sc and the chain.

Sc into next stitch and make another tie, again slip stitching back into the stitch to anchor the tie.  Finish crocheting the edging on this side and attach to first sc of the round with a slip stitch.  Fasten off and sew in any ends.


I hope you can understand and actually use this pattern as it’s the first I have ever written.  Please get in touch if you have any questions 🙂





Gender Revealed! It’s a girl

So it’s going to be a girl, which from a purely crochet point of view was the news I was hoping for!  I had a gorgeous pattern for little baby booties and ONE EVENING in which to make them!  Eeek!  Sadly I couldn’t get on with the pattern and wasn’t sure that the sizing was going to work out so I went with a paid pattern I already had.


The pattern for the booties is this one from The Lovely Crow.  I bought it hoping to make some for Noot’s first Christmas but obviously with a new baby and a pre-schooler I did not have the time.  The pattern works up really nicely and is very clear, with photos to help the more complex steps.  I used these beautiful little flowers  from Attic 24 to decorate them.  (I used the Stylecraft classique cotton in hot pink, shell pink and soft lime.)


I think they look pretty amazing in the photos.


Gender Reveal

I have been blessed with, amongst other things, a husband who takes beautiful photos.  This has not gone unnoticed amongst our friends and family and this week we have been truly privileged to share in someone’s secret!  Paul has been asked to do a gender reveal photo shoot for our friends and they have shared their news with us early so we can forage round for any suitable props we might have that they can borrow.  This isn’t a business so we don’t actually have any photo props.  It is literally a case of going through the toy box and seeing what might work…

They found out on Thursday and I only had that evening to make the perfect photo prop.  I put the finishing touches to it today and as soon as they publicise their news I will share the project on here.  I am trying so hard to keep this super special secret!

It will be worth the wait!

New Babies

This year seems to be the year for babies.  At least with the people I know and so it means lots of new baby gifts.  There are so many beautiful patterns out there that are a bit too babyish for Coot and Noot, or I have already made them for my girls.

I have finished the first two.  These are for super special surrogate twins who are expected in about 10 weeks.


I used the delightful pattern from the Green Dragonfly.  I love the feel of cotton for baby toys and to make these just the right size for baby hands (and probably mouths) I used the Stylecraft classique cotton.  I used the silver and soft lime for both and then shell pink and hot pink for the girl bunny and sky blue and azure for the boy bunny.  I’m not always so caught up in gender specific colours but with twins it might help the parents make sure each child has the right toy and to know that they have been made specially for each child.  I hope they are well received!

Two baby gifts down, six more to do!



Is it a confession that I first got into yarn through knitting?  Not surprising as my Mum, Granny and Grandma had all been knitting busily my whole life.  I got “Stitch and Bitch Nation” by Debbie Stoller, got sucked in to some beautiful coloured cotton, subscribed to Simply Knitting and that was it.  But however much I loved reading the magazine and bookmarking future projects I didn’t actually do much knitting.  And so the cotton, needles and books languished at the back of a drawer.

I’ve heard it said that people often start crocheting for a baby.  I hate to be a cliché but this is what happened.  I came across a beautiful birds mobile on line when I was pregnant with Coot and when I found it out was crocheted I said “How hard can it be?” and got my hook on.  Quite hard at times given that I taught myself, even without Youtube, so the birds are all inside out.  She loves it anyway.

I didn’t go back to work after having Coot so needed something to do for me and crochet filled that hole perfectly.  As time has gone on the hole that a job filled has got bigger so I feel it’s loss sometimes.  However the crochet love has never diminished and is taking over my life, one project at a time.