Lydia, my nemesis!

I have been crocheting for some time now, nearly 5 years and it’s safe to say that I *feel* I can crochet anything.  However I do tend to stay in my comfort zone.  But I am branching out!  One of my online crochet groups is doing a “12 shawls of 2014” crochet-along.  I’ve resisted so far.  When I say resisted I have added the patterns to my Ravelry queue and printed some out to drool over.

Until the other day.

A perfect opportunity arose to make and gift a shawl, and I just happened to have the perfect yarn waiting on the back of my sofa!  It’s one ball of King Cole Riot in shade 413.  I say perfect, it’s approximately 50m too short to do this project but since when would I let that stop me?! The photo that alerted me to this pattern was beautiful (excuse my phone photo!) and so I searched it out, behold Lydia! The pattern appears reasonably simple, certainly not impossible and yet I have had to frog the whole lot completely once already, SOB! And it turns out that the riot yarn is perfect in terms of colour and feel, but it doesn’t take too kindly to being frogged!  (It’s 70% acrylic, 30% wool and ever so slightly fluffy.)


Yep, as you can see it was just starting to take shape and one side was considerably different to the other.  I appreciate that I’ve never made a shawl before but that didn’t seem right (I had 18 little holes on the left and 21 on the right!!!)

I have undone all that and just starting again, 4 rows in and I’m still not happy but I heard on the grapevine that if I stick to the pattern and get over the first hump it will all come good.  That remains to be seen.

I wanted to post this to show what real crochet is like.  Sure, there are times when everything goes perfectly, the other projects posted on here have been exactly that, but also exactly in my comfort zone.  There are times when patterns are hard to read, or hard for you to understand (no matter how well they are written) or you are too tired to be on the ball but that is no reason to give up, frog it back and start again.

Having said all that, I am impatient and with the little ones I’ve not exactly got hours and hours so I’ll give this one more try and see how I get on.  Wish me luck!



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