Adventure in the Woods Playset

There are a lot of gorgeous patterns on Ravelry and I have bought several by The One and Two Company before.  However when I saw this playset I knew it would be perfect for Noot’s 2nd birthday in September.  For the first time in ages I really got on with this pattern.  It is a really well written pattern and the fact that this set is made up of lots of smaller elements means that you get a “finished object” hit every couple of hours.  And you can obviously make just one hedgehog or the birdie, or any combination of the elements.


Having used cotton a lot recently I thought I would use my Stylecraft Special DK for this project.  I used a 3mm hook to get a reasonably tight fabric and it was still much easier on the hands than the cotton.  I have a lot of colours and really enjoyed going through and picking out which colours matched closely to the original pattern.  I know that shows a distinct lack of imagination but with a project like this I thought the chosen colours were just right and sometimes it’s a good idea to do this to encourage you to use colours you otherwise wouldn’t have.  For example I love the “meadow” green that forms most of the playmat, however I probably wouldn’t have chosen it for this project but I’m glad I used it as I think any of the other greens would have been too dark and might have drawn the eye away from all the little figures.



It must be the most involved crochet project I’ve completed and I am beyond thrilled with it.  I just hope Noot loves it too, I have a long wait to find out!  Of course until then I will bask in my efficiency (and get on with Coot’s birthday present and my new baby gifts!!)


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