Stripey Giraffes!

I think this year I will mostly be harping on about new baby presents.  I also think “Why not?”  There will be a time in my life when I have no new babies to make for (sad times!) although admittedly 7 is rather a lot for one year (and I’ve already got my fingers crossed for 2 next year!)


Anyway, I love this giraffe pattern and to me it’s a perfect new baby gift.  I have used the same Stylecraft Classique cotton as the new baby bunny and this not only looks cute but the cotton makes it feel extra special.



However this is quite a big make.  If you look at the pattern or look at my photo you can see that.  Not only do you have 10 body parts to sew together (I have to be in the right mood for this meaning there are often bags of disarticulated limbs knocking around my living room!) but each part is quite time consuming, especially with the stripes!  I hope that I’m not putting you off.  (To give you some perspective this is the 5th I have made and I have done 2 arms of the 6th today!)


So despite how much I love this pattern I thought that I would have a go at re-scaling it to make it as cute but with less work.  (With two little girls to run around after I need to save as much time as I can!)

This is my first attempt:


This little guy turned out teeny as I used Patons Mirage Yarn, this one (although I bought it in my LYS).  It was quite a thin dk and as I wanted the fabric nice and tight I used a 2.5mm hook!  He was a long time in the making!  I think you’ll agree that he is lacking something due to lack of proper stripes, Noot doesn’t mind and has adopted him happily.


This brings me on to my second attempt;


This giraffe looks much more like the original pattern, solely due to the pattern of stripes.  He was also not a lot smaller than the giraffe I made from the original pattern in Stylecraft Classique, as I used Drops Paris cotton which is aran weight and a 4mm hook.  I am really pleased with this giraffe as it worked out less work and still as cute as the original.  I’m also really pleased at the way the Drops cotton worked out as it comes in soooo many colours.  I can’t wait to start my next giraffe using this pattern and this cotton!

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