I’m the first to admit that I have a bit of a short attention span when it comes to crochet.  So many wonderful things to make and so little time!!  So as projects draw to a close I struggle to continue with them and my mind starts wandering off in directions of what I might make next.

You’ll be pleased to hear that I need to assemble 3 last chocolate orange covers, and finish crocheting the final one and then that’s it.  All 12 completed ready for teacher gifts.  I feel very efficient at how early I have completed them, to the complete detriment of a myriad of other things I hasten to add, lest you think I’m efficient!!

The wonderful Carousel Crochet Along by Stylecraft is also coming to an end.  I am still blundering through part 4, I just can’t get on with joining as you go and as each part is added I feel a swirl of emotions including almost abject terror that it will never lie flat and turn out tiny.  Part 5 has been released and is thankfully a kind of ripple border, that I look forward to starting eventually.

However wonderful these projects look right now, however great they will be when finished and that amazing feeling of having completed something to look forward to, I am thinking about what to do next…

It’s got to be a bag.

I love crochet bags.  This is my Attic 24 Jolly Chunky bag, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made and I love this pattern.


You can compare mine to Lucy’s and see that other than different coloured flowers, leaves and buttons mine is exactly the same.  If it ain’t broke…

This is my other crocheted project bag.  This is a fantastically sized bag, and due to the lining and stiffener on the inside it really holds a lot.  It was also a bit of a stash buster to try and use up some of the bits and bobs of chunky I had left over from other things.  This bag is from Crafternoon Treats – the chunky retro granny stash bag.

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My most recent bag is this one:


I am completely in love with it.  It was my holiday treat project and I must shamefully confess that it’s use has been confined to being stroked and lovingly opened and closed.  One of the things I love about this bag is the big button on the front that my Granny made for me.  She’s always been crafty and since moving into a home in 2010 she’s started lots of exciting new crafts, although sadly she’s unable to craft anymore – she is 99 so I guess you can’t go on forever.

This is also by Crafternoon Treats.  I love the weight of this bag, the fabric is so sturdy it needs no lining and holds it’s shape really nicely.  Of course this is another example of following the pattern including the colours.

So what next?  Keep reading…


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