Finished Object Dissatisfaction

Normally the finishing of a piece of crochet brings a joyful high, you want to stroke the piece, there’s a sense of loss that it’s finished and you just want to gift/use it straight away.  Unfortunately my latest FO has not brought me much joy!  The project is of course the Anya blanket.  It is no fault of the pattern as it is truly a beautiful pattern and a really pleasurable crochet so it must have been the yarn.  The precious, sought after, longed for, Ice yarn bundle.


If you are not an Ice yarn fan you might not know that the reason I was so thrilled with this bundle is that Ice yarns sell their yarn in a pack.  So if you want a rainbow like mine, you need to buy a pack of 4 balls, per colour, which means 32 balls of yarn and the associated cost.  Not something I was able to get into.  So when the bundle came up on a yarn selling site I was so excited.  Finally, the time had come!!!

So to clarify my painfully longwinded thoughts, gorgeous yarn, wonderful pattern  what could go wrong?!

And I’m still not sure what my problem is with this project.


I added some extra rows to the end to make the circle larger as it was designed for aran yarn and a bigger hook, so I’m not thrilled that mine won’t lie flat, after all this time and crocheting I’m still not 100% sure on my circle maths.  And I guess I just like a bigger blanket, as Coot and Noot are growing the smaller blankets become rather pointless as they like to snuggle.  Perhaps this is just the start of a new era of only making massive blankets?

pa050588 pa050587


However it’s still a pretty decent make, it’s finished and the girls love it.  And I was able to pass on the Ice rainbow to one of my best friends.

But my current WIP is a real joy bringer.  The Carousel CAL by Stylecraft and Sue Pinner is getting better and better by the part.  The third part is all about beautiful pentagons.  Noot loved playing with these.


And the best bit is that one of the suggestions in the CAL is to sew the ends in as you go.  I’m not one to sew ends in as I go, can you imagine?!  However I’m a sucker for the rules so I have sewn them in as I go and I am very pleased I have done so!!


And the pentagon centres make perfect beds for Noot’s Puppy in my Pocket dogs!!




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