One Armed Crochet

I have been a mother for more than seven years now so you’d think I’d be used to doing myriad things inefficiently while meeting someone else’s needs.  But children get older and need you less, so you think you will get time to do some crochet.  (Coot and Noot still like me in the same room as them so I can’t get on with housework – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)  Thankfully Noot is a September baby so while she is nearly four we get a whole extra year together before she starts school.  I am so grateful for this, we have a lovely time together between lunch and collecting Coot where we cuddle up on the sofa together and watch the TV favourite du jour.  This is the perfect time to catch up on a bit of crochet, to recharge my batteries with yarn before I do the school run, homework (sob!) and any after school actitives or play dates.  However, despite Noot’s advanced age, I’ve noticed more and more recently that she shuffles across the sofa to rest her head against me, I lift up my arm and she snuggles in.  I can’t do crochet like this!  And I don’t want to let her go.  It’s a real dilemma.  So here is a list I have put together for you to recharge woolly batteries with one arm, so you can cuddle your babies 🙂

  • Check out some blogs; I love Attic 24, The Patchwork Heart, Walker Whimsy and The Felted Button
  • I have a guilty love of Buzzfeed.
  • Window shop yarn, either Indie dyers on Etsy or shop yarn on your favourite website.
  • Window shop patterns on Ravelry
  • Read books about crochet and murder, pretty light reading but enjoyable.  I like this series.
  • Design something, you need to make sure that the arm you write with is not the arm cuddling your baby!
  • And of course Pinterest!

Enjoy your children, there will be time for yarn when they are teenagers and you are outside a gig or club past your bedtime waiting for them to come out!




By the way, if you’re interested this is what I am desperate to finish today:


The Stylecraft and Sue Pinner Carousel CAL.

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