Disappointment…and joy!

I am struggling with my current blanket, not only that but I am seriously considering selling it.  I am looking forward to being done and giving away any leftover yarn.  I don’t think I have ever felt this before.  Sure, when you are coming to end of a project, the last few squares of a blanket or you’re looking at a pile of ami limbs waiting to be sewn up (I am averting my eyes from this very sight right now!) it’s reasonable to have a bit of a sigh.  But this blanket, this amazing rainbow joy, has been on my to do list for so very long.  I got a set of variegated Ice yarns in the colours of the rainbow from a stash group on FB and began this project with such joy.  This is the beautiful blanket that has been on my mind and project list for so long;  Anya blanket by Lisa Gutierrez, I paid for it and I hope you’ll agree that this pattern was worth every penny.anya-blanket-lizI can’t even explain why I’m disappointed with it, because it looks ok and in the photo I feel even better about it.  Maybe when it’s blocked and all the ends are done.


But, where there is yarn there is joy.  I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing that I have a teeny Ravelry addiction and obviously my favourite thing is all the beautiful patterns, with so many being free – thank you clever designers!  There is a thread, my go to for a cheer up read entitled “Thou Shalt Not”  it basically covers all the things you know you shouldn’t do, but we all do them.  And I found this wonderful post, and the author Laura has kindly agreed for me to share her quote and my art on here – many thanks!!  This brings me such joy, especially since yesterday my mum asked where I had bought it from.  It also may explain why I’m struggling so much with Anya!


May your hooks dance lightly along!


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