Radio Silence

I am both sorry and amazed that I haven’t updated this blog for more than two years.  Time has just flown by!!  Today I woke with a bleak feeling in my heart as Coot has her second day in year 3 and Noot starts her extra morning at nursery.  I had plans to work this morning, I started designing some bookmarks for your crochet books, checked on a canvas I am so excited to make for our home and then started designing a new project to publish on here.

But I have been so busy these last two years.  I started (and never finished) one of those year books that helps you to accomplish your goals, and my goal was to do an online art course.  It was a real game changer and mainly because it opened up my mind showing me the amazing things I can do!

P7050001 Canvas P9051357

I have taken commissions…

P1280046 P1280041

And I am thrilled with my Knit and Crochet Project Journal and how well it is selling.  I will be designing other bits and bobs for knit and crochet projects that can be downloaded free from this website as I use my lonely mornings for work 🙂

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More soon, I promise!


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